Aurora Nova

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It’s day 8 and we are visiting Salisbury, dropping in on a recording session for a very special project! Aurora Nova was one of the choirs who earlier this year recorded works from Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of Multitude of Voyces’ Anthology of Sacred Music by Women Composers. Today we’ll be hearing Amy Bebbington’s stunning ‘I sing of a maiden’ composed for upper voices.

Aurora Nova is a professional all-female choir, directed by Patrick Craig, who have sung Sunday services in St Paul’s Cathedral for twenty-five years. During this time, they have led the way in commissioning new repertoire and featuring female composers in their choices of music. They are delighted to be collaborating with Multitude of Voyces to bring female-created sacred music to a wider audience. 

"I sing of a maiden sets a 15th century text to gently undulating, lyrical vocal lines. Simple in design, it marries an improvisatory, modal, folk-like quality with rhythmic fluidity."

 Amy Bebbington 


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