Church Choir Award Assessment Criteria

When we assess your application, we will consider it in the light of the following assessment criteria. When completing your application form, it is a good idea to keep these criteria in mind as you answer the questions.

Your organisation

  1. Does the organisation meet Award's eligibility criteria?


Your proposed project

  1. How well does the project meet the objectives of Cathedral Music Trust? (Promoting excellence in choral and organ music, supporting choirs in need and enabling children from a diverse range of backgrounds to experience the many benefits that come from being a chorister.)
  2. Will the activity be of value to choristers, choirs, the congregation and the wider community (where relevant)?
  3. Is the project well planned?
  4. Are beneficiary groups identified and the ways in which they will benefit explained?
  5. Does the organisation demonstrate the administrative and organisational capacity to manage and deliver the work?
  6. Do music leaders who will be working on the project demonstrate the required skills and competencies?
  7. How will the progress of the project be monitored and its impact assessed?
  8. What is the lasting impact of the project? How can it be sustained beyond the life of the grant?


Your budget

  1. Is the budget clear, detailed and viable?
  2. Does the budget demonstrate a good use of resources?
  3. Does the budget include a contribution of 10% (or more) from other sources?


The financial situation of the organisation

  1. Does the work applied for depend upon the Trust's financial support?


The choir's performance

  1. Does the choir perform to a high standard?
  2. Does the choir have a diverse and varied repertoire of cathedral-style music?
  3. Does the choir demonstrate the potential to develop?