Joining the Dots

18 - 19 January 2022

Cathedral Music Trust's inaugural online conference was enjoyed by over 100 delegates. 

The focus across the two days was on education in the broadest possible sense: from creating a successful learning environment for choristers, to providing equality of access, and building sustainable partnerships. There were opportunities for discussion, questions and practice, in sessions led by leading musicians, educators and cultural leaders. At the end of the conference, an action planning session allowed delegates to discuss lessons learnt and actions to be taken.

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Joining the Dots
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Simon Toyne

Keynote Presentation: Cathedral Music - its importance for music education in the UK

A reflection on the values underpinning cathedral music programmes and the role that cathedral music can play in music education across the country. Simon is joined by singer Lufuno Ndou, Bridget Whyte (Music Mark) and Paul McCreesh (Gabrieli Consort & Players) for a wide-ranging and inspiring discussion.

What people said about this session:

The wonderful Simon Toyne talking complete sense in the keynote for Cathedral Music Trust's conference. Refreshing, reassuring and inspiring!
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Don Gillthorpe and Catherine Beddison

The whole chorister

Experts in pedagogy, Don Gillthorpe and Catherine Beddison, take an in-depth look at the chorister's learning journey and explore ways to create the most effective learning environment.

What people said about this session:

What a fascinating insight into 'The Whole Chorister' as part of Cathedral Music Trust's conference - covering latest pedagogical frameworks, changing voices, culture, and more. Thank you, Don Gillthorpe and Catherine Beddison. Rosenshine principles printed to pin to my noticeboard!

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Embedding diversity in the talent pipeline

How do we further our desire to provide equality of access across a choral foundation's music department? A workshop led by Rob Adediran, with opportunities for participation and discussion.

What people said about this session:

It was very encouraging to see Cathedral Music Trust grabbing the bull by the horns and making diversity a central topic in this conference.
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Tansy Castledine

Shaping your cathedral music ecosystem in a post-covid world

Chaired by Tansy Castledine, Director of Music at Peterborough Cathedral, with Christopher Gray, Director of Music at Truro, Vicky Johnson, Precentor at York Minster, Hugh Morris, Director of the RSCM, Natasha Morris, Development Director at Cathedral Music Trust and Stephen Moore, Director of Music at Llandaff Cathedral. The global pandemic presented unprecedented challenges to cathedral music departments. The panel reviews how we have weathered the storm, evaluates what we have learned through the experience and looks forward, exploring how we can make courageous choices across the music department's work to ensure a sustainable and vibrant future.

What people said about this session:

Such a great and inspiring conversation. Who would have thought, in March 2020, that Cathedral Music would have shown itself to be so creative and innovative in its responses to the Pandemic?
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Tom Daggett and Tom Leech

From Outreach to Partnership

Much has changed in the field of cathedral music education in the last 20 years. What is the impact of 20 years of outreach? How do we shape our work beyond cathedral walls? A workshop with Tom Leech and Tom Daggett.

What people said about this session:

Super ideas and plenty of inspiration as always from Tom Leech and Tom Daggett.
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Where next for Cathedral Music?

Peter Allwood (Chair of Cathedral Music Trust) is joined by a number of the conference's presenters, together with a representative of the Trust's Future Leaders Group and Isobel Pinder (Trustee) to discuss how Cathedral Music Trust can best support cathedral music into the future.

What people said about this session:

I'm still buzzing from this session. Brilliant & thought-provoking discussion on how to support cathedral musicians of the future.
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