Alexander Armstrong meets Truro Cathedral Choristers

25 June 2021


Cathedral Music Trust’s ambassador Alexander Armstrong met with young singers from Truro Cathedral earlier this month to discuss the Sing2G7 project, as well their chorister experience and future plans.

During a Zoom call beamed straight into the cathedral, Alexander Armstrong met five choristers, all of whom are in the final weeks their choristership: 13-year old Miles and Jacob and 18-year old Talulla, Gracie and Lucy, as well as Director of Music Chris Gray who took on the role of cameraman for the occasion.

At the time of the call, preparations were being made in the cathedral for Sing2G7’s ‘Mega Zoom’, which saw thousands of children across 14 time zones come together to perform the song ‘Gee Seven’. The song was created by Tim Rice and Peter Hobbs, in a bid to put children’s voices at the heart of the G7 summit, which took place in Cornwall 11-13 June.

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The Sing2G7 project has also been raising money for Unicef’s Covax appeal. Donations can be made on their Crowdfunder page until 30 June.

Alexander then went on to discuss the chorister experience with the young singers. The girls were excited to find out that Alexander shares their love of Parry, and the boys were pleased to impart their love of water parks (one of the highlights of choir tours)! As for what lies ahead for all five singers once they finish their choristerships at the end of the academic year, it sounds like all of them will have plenty of opportunities to keep singing. Since the boys will stay at Truro school for another few years, they are able to join one of the school’s choirs, whilst the girls all mentioned they were hoping to study music at university level.

We wish Miles, Jacob, Gracie, Talulla and Lucy all the best for the future!

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