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We believe that cathedral music is a truly uplifting and transformative living heritage, that changes lives for both the musician and the listener. 

Our commitment to this belief is at the centre of our grant making at Cathedral Music Trust. It is through a vibrant and diverse funding programme that we seek to sustain this priceless heritage and support our world-class choirs and choral foundations across the UK.

At this challenging time during the COVID-19 outbreak, you can help us ensure that our choirs are able to return and continue sharing the joy of music with everyone.


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If you share our belief in the transformative power of cathedral music, then we ask for your support. As a charity, we rely on donations to ensure we can continue supporting cathedral choirs and choral foundations in need.

By making a regular or one-off donation, you can help ensure we have the freedom to make impactful grants to our cathedrals and choral foundations across the UK, and in doing so, support a living tradition. 

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