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    Safeguarding a priceless heritage

Donate to the Diamond Fund

The cathedral choristers of the United Kingdom need your support.

Choristers are traditionally funded in part by the cathedrals in which they sing, but there are so many pressures now on cathedral finances that it has become very hard for cathedrals to support the music as much as is necessary. Will you help to keep alive this glorious tradition? You’ll be helping to sustain the unique developmental opportunities that choral training offers boys and girls from all backgrounds,  protecting a valuable national asset, and sustaining Britain’s priceless, oldest living cultural heritage.

With your contributions, we will fund projects that enable children – regardless of their ethnicity, gender or means – to become choristers, to develop their skills, and give them an unmatchable start to their lives. All of these things contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of their communities and, ultimately, the nation as a whole.


A regular donation is the most effective way to support our work since it allows us to plan our finances and activities more efficiently.

To make a single or regular donation

You can make a single donation or set up a regular payment via our JustGiving page.

Or if you prefer cheque, bank transfer or standing order, download our Donation and Gift Aid form. The form has all the details you need.

Major donations

If you are thinking about making a major donation, we will be very pleased to discuss this with you. Please contact us.

futureresources@cathedralmusictrust.org.uk  07960 778292 (Maurice) or 01722 716271 (Felicity)


If you would like to leave a gift to the Diamond Fund for Choristers in your will, please contact legacy@cathedralmusictrust.org.uk or call 07590 652490 or 07960 778292.