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What does the DFC do?

The Diamond Fund for Choristers raises funds to ensure that the unique living heritage of the UK’s cathedral choirs continues to benefit young people, the communities they live in, the nation and future generations.

In particular, we help choristers and cathedral choirs in the following ways:

Voice and instrument training

The Fund helps meet the costs of training choristers in singing technique and instrument playing, whether they are at specialist choir schools or at state schools. At a time when cathedrals find these costs increasingly difficult to meet, and the study of music in schools is declining, the Fund seeks to ensure Britain’s famed choral tradition is properly resourced. For details of the Fund’s work and impact, read more here.

Outreach and recruitment

Some cathedrals find the costs of reaching out into the community and recruiting new choristers difficult to afford. The Fund helps with the costs of such initiatives, especially where they are targeted at finding young choristers from disadvantaged communities.

Help families in challenging financial circumstances with targeted grants

Unexpected family difficulties such as redundancy, illness or worse can threaten to interrupt a chorister’s education, with unwelcome consequences for the chorister and the choir as a whole. We provide bursaries to help families cope and ensure the choir and the individual chorister are not disrupted.

Individually funded projects

The Diamond Fund partners individual donors in funding specific projects identified by cathedral music departments, notified to Cathedral Music Trust and selected by individual donors. A portfolio of such projects awaiting funding and costing an average £5,000 pa is held by the Fund. If you are interested in funding one of these projects, whether near your home or further afield where you have educational, holiday, sentimental or other ties, please get in touch with the Fund at dfc@cathedralmusictrust.org.uk. All such projects are assessed for their effectiveness and reports are made available to those generous enough to support them.

Find out more about the impact our work makes to the lives of choristers and others.

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