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Why your support is needed

There are three key reasons why these gifted children need your support:

There are three key reasons why these young people need your support:

1. They make cathedral choirs possible and at the same time make a major contribution to music in the UK.

2. Keeping the tradition of choral music alive involves costs which cathedrals find increasingly difficult to bear along with all the other demands on their resources.

3. The squeeze on cathedral finances means there is less money to allow young people from lower-income families to benefit from the outstanding education offered to choristers.

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Personal insights of two former choristers

Alexander Armstrong

Alexander Armstrong, the well-known comedian, actor and TV and radio presenter – read his speech





Edward Higginbottom

Edward Higginbottom is one of the UK’s foremost authorities on cathedral and college choirs. Emeritus Professor of Choral Music at Oxford University and former Director of Music at New College Oxford for nearly 40 years – read his thoughts



Please donate today

Help to keep the UK’s cathedral choirs and the children in them singing, thriving and flourishing.

Your contribution may turn out to be what makes all the difference between the preservation or loss of a musical tradition in one of our cathedrals. Difficult though it may be to imagine the irreparable damage to one of our cathedral choirs, it is all too easy to see how financial pressures might bring it about.

The Friends of Cathedral Music, through its Diamond Fund, is determined to meet the challenges lying ahead with your help and to save parts of our musical heritage that would otherwise be lost.