Why choristers need your support….more

There are three key reasons why these gifted children need your support:

 Ely Girls in the Common Room - by permission

1. Children make cathedral choirs possible and at the same time make a major contribution to music in the UK.

They perform on equal terms with adults, and to the same professional standards.  Nowhere else do children contribute to the cultural activity of the highest and most demanding quality on an almost daily basis.  Without choristers, the UK’s cathedral choirs, in their current form, could go into decline and we’ would lose this national asset.

Outsiders will tell you that what we have here in Britain, blessed by centuries of tradition, and daily maintained in our own time, is unique and utterly irreplaceable.  Trained from an early age, choristers form part of the next generation of musicians. They become the backbone of the UK’s top professional choirs, and some go on to be outstanding soloists, instrumentalists and conductors.

2. Keeping the tradition of choral music alive is expensive.

It costs £250,000 on average to run a cathedral choir for a year. Choirs need training, and the musical education of cathedral choristers is costly if it is to be effective in maintaining the high standards necessary to preserve the tradition and to maintain the reputation of the UK’s cathedral choirs.

Choirs are threatened by rising costs and shrinking resources. At the same time, the number and scale of grant applications requesting financial support for cathedral choirs have risen to three times our income and the gap is widening.  We cannot meet the additional demand without your help.

 Ely Girls On the Phone
 Choristers singing together

 3. The squeeze on cathedral finances means there is less money to allow children from lower-income families to benefit from the outstanding education offered to choristers.

Yet the centuries-old chorister education has consistently delivered results that benefit young people, their eventual employers, the communities they live in and – by extension – the nation itself.

We must preserve these opportunities for all children with the musical talent regardless of their economic and other circumstances.