About FCM’s grants

At the beginning of the lockdown FCM (now under the umbrella of the Cathedral Music Trust), along with the Ouseley Church Music Trust and the Choir Schools Association, set up the Cathedral Choirs Emergency Fund. Through this fund we will be giving support to cathedrals and their music during these challenging times. The fund has now reached almost £1 million of which £250,000 has been contributed by CMT.

Our usual programme of grants is temporarily suspended. For those who are eligible to apply, a grant application may be made to the Emergency Fund.
A special grant programme will open for applications on 1 February 2021, with a deadline on 26 February and decisions communicated in late April. Details will be posted on our website.

It is anticipated that our standard grant programme will resume in November 2021 but this is subject to confirmation.

By making grants, Cathedral Music Trust seeks to maintain and expand the work of the choral foundations of cathedrals, collegiate churches and chapels and other places of worship.

Click here to see details of past grants.

Cathedral Music Trust offers the following types of grant.  The receipt of one type of grant does not necessarily preclude a choral foundation from applying for another:

Edington Festival Award

An annual award of £3,000 to support choristers’ vocal training.  Funding for this grant is generously provided by the Edington Music Festival. The deadline for applications this year is 31 July 2020.

Endowment Grants

To support (for example) chorister scholarships, instrumental tuition and voice training, organ scholarships and funding for adult choral scholarships.  Having received an Endowment Grant, choral foundations must wait 5 years before applying for another.  Click here for more information.

Capital Grants

To help with the purchase of equipment such as rehearsal pianos and choir stalls for a song school, music and robes.  Having received a Capital Grant, choral foundations must wait 5 years before applying for another.  Click here for more information.

Small Revenue Grants (up to £5,000)

Exclusively for the benefit of cathedral choristers and intended for specific projects, such as voice/instrument training and recruitment/outreach.  Choral Foundations can apply for any amount up to £5,000 over three years.  Click here for more information.

Chorister Support Grants

To support individual choristers whose families are in challenging financial circumstances.  Click here for more information.

Tony Harvey Award

One award annually to support a specific male choral scholar at an English cathedral.  Click here for more information.


Diamond Fund for Choristers

FCM’s Diamond Fund for Choristers (DFC) works alongside choral foundations to help raise funds from other sources. DFC is interested in hearing about funding needs specifically for the benefit of choristers, which have not been included in this year’s grant applications or have not previously been accepted for funding. Click here for more information.

  • It is because of the support given by FCM that Peter Wright and those who work with him are able to achieve such very high standards.

    Southwark Cathedral
  • Would you kindly pass on our appreciation and thanks for the generous grant, which will make a significant contribution in sustaining the musical tradition.

    Brecon Cathedral
  • This is timely help when it is much needed and will be a tangible reminder of your diamond anniversary award.

    Please pass warm appreciation to your Trustees for their generosity and the lasting benefit it will have for the Choral Foundation at Winchester Cathedral

    Winchester Cathedral
  • This grant will help us to keep our magnificent choir enriching the lives of worshippers and visitors alike.

    Guildford Cathedral
  • We have been hugely grateful to FCM for their support of our choral music tradition here at Ely over so many years

    Ely Cathedral
  • The Trustees are delighted with the award. It will make a huge difference to the future of our choristers.

    Wells Cathedral
  • You probably will have gathered that we are not even ‘hand to mouth’ and the gift from the Friends of Cathedral Music will make an enormous difference.

    St Michaels', Cornhill
  • Your organisation truly is a friend to cathedral music and the children who give of their time to provide it.

  • Over the years the FCM Scholarship has helped many boys to experience being a chorister, obtain a fantastic musical education and attend the King’s School. Your grant will mean that the scholarship is fully funded, ensuring that both the current beneficiary and future generations can be part of our shared music tradition…Your sustained endorsement of their talent and dedication is crucial’.

    Gloucester cathedral