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G is for…Guildford

Today, 7 December, we are off to Surrey, to Guildford, England’s newest Anglican cathedral.

Guildford Cathedral from the fcm archive

Guildford’s choral foundation comprises 21 boys, 25 girls and 6 professional lay clerks. They are supported by Katherine Dienes-Williams (Organist and Director of Music), Richard Moore (Sub Organist), and William Campbell (Organ Scholar). Between them they sing 7 choral services each week, most usually, choral evensong.


Guildford Cathedral Choir

At the moment, the choirs are busy preparing for tomorrow’s services, with one set of choristers going to sing Evensong in a parish in the Diocese, and another set of choristers singing Evensong at the Cathedral, continuing the tradition of choral prayer which has happened here since the Cathedral’s consecration in the early 1960s.



The choirs are also gearing up for Christmas carol services (22nd and 25th December), and the other Christmas liturgies, including the First Eucharist of Christmas (24th December), and the Eucharist of Christmas Day (25th December), as well as some outside carol-singing engagements.

FCM’s Diamond Fund for Choristers has been delighted to support Guildford Cathedral with a Small Revenue Grant. It has gone towards the costs incurred in transporting the boy choristers, who attend a variety of schools in the area, to the Cathedral to rehearse and sing for services.

Guildford Cathedral Choristers with the RSCM certificates

Generous gifts from our members and donors make it possible for us to help support choristers like these at Guildford. We are always extremely grateful for all donations, large or small.

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We’re excited to share today’s entry for Guildford Cathedral’s own choral Advent Calendar. Today, the boys and lay clerks are singing Byrd’s ‘Rorate caeli’.

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