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Z is for…Zadok (courtesy of the Cathedral Choristers of Britain)

We couldn’t find a choral foundation beginning with the letter Z, but thought we’d take the opportunity to celebrate the hard work of all choral foundations up and down the country, not just over the last 25 days, but throughout the whole year.

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We have been delighted to feature 25 choirs and the wonderful work they are doing, and even more delighted by the fact that these choirs represent just a fraction of the number of choral foundations in the UK, who sing to exceptionally high standards on a daily basis.

DFC Concert

What better day than 26 December, after all the hard work is done (for most choirs, at least), to feature the Cathedral Choristers of Britain, who came together in 2017 with the Choir of St Paul’s Cathedral and Aled Jones to recording their best-selling CD, Jubilate – 500 years of Cathedral Music, a former No 1 in the UK classical album charts.

Here they are, singing Handel’s ‘Zadok the Priest’:


You can listen to the whole piece here:

Well done, choirs!  We at FCM greatly appreciate all you do and wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a 2020 filled with more sublime music making.

Enjoy your Christmas holiday; you deserve it!

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This is the end of FCM’s Alphabetical Advent Adventure, but we are here all year round, working hard to raise funds for choral foundations.  Do keep in touch with us, and, if you are not already a member, perhaps you would like to join us.

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